ENDED 03.12.2020 Beat the Exam Blues

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming exam period? Don’t let the stress take over your academic results. While we cannot completely beat exam stress and anxiety, there are ways to deal with it and keep it under control :slightly_smiling_face:
We’re organizing an online live session “Beat the Exam Blues” on December 3 at 17:30 to discover tips and tricks that will help you maintain mental well-being during the exam period. Our event’s special guest speaker, Maili Tirel, UT MA graduate, school psychologist, and internet counsellor, will present recommendations on how to effectively prepare for exams, improve notes taking, relieve stress and anxiety using relaxation techniques, and much more

Take care and see you there! Remember: stop being so hard on yourself, you’re doing great.

You are so loved and worthy ! :orange_heart: