ENDED 19.02.2018 Funding Your Study at UT and Abroad

In the University of Tartu, there are about 30 different types of scholarships available for international students. Find out more about them at the Scholarship Fair. 

Student life is one of the most exciting moments in our lifetime. There are different educational systems in the world. In Estonia students have to pay school fees though, in some cases, tuition waivers are available, but students are allowed to work while studying although certain conditions must be met. As a university that is in pursuit of beating the standard of Harvard University, it is incumbent upon all students of the University of Tartu to study hard and brace up to the standard of the university, to do this, students must dedicate the greater amount of their time in studies.  

However, in general, European countries are a bit expensive to live for both national and international students. For this reason, the student must find ways of survival in order to enjoy their student life to the fullest.

Now there are different ways of financing one’s studies but the best way and easiest way is tuition waivers and scholarships. In the University of Tartu, there are about 30 different types of scholarships and grants for research, study abroad, or traineeship abroad available for local and international candidates or existing students.

To know more about the benefits of these scholarships and grants, the ISA is organizing scholarship fair coming up on February 19th  at the University Main Building where students will get the opportunity to meet with the provider of these scholarships and learn more about them and how to apply for them. This might be just what you are looking for to actually enjoy a splendid student life, don’t miss the chance and join us during the scholarship fair. 

List of the representatives will come soon.

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