ENDED 09.10.2020 Asian Cooking Session with International Student Ambassadors

Mmm… Can you smell this harmonic bouquet of flavors, the fragrant smoke, and heady herb aromas?😋

We’re inviting you to indulge in rich Asian cuisine and explore the secrets behind the preparation of our secret specialty with an #Estonian blend 🥣

Join a cooking session with our #ISA team from the comfort of your own home🏠 We will host an online live session during which we’re going to make together a scrumptious Asian dish 🍽️

Take part and cook along with us through the following zoom link🧑‍🍳https://zoom.us/j/93127414813?pwd=SDZzNVRuWC80Y0hzRDc3d3FNZXNSUT09

Passcode: 652649

We’re also going to hold a fun game to keep you entertained while you cook the dish🙃
To take part in the game follow the guidelines below👇

1. Enter the names of 5 #Asian spices in the following Google Form before the event starts: https://forms.gle/eVP9zAaNwPA24vuj7

2. Listen closely to our ambassadors during the cooking session as we will speak out a list of spices (which may or may not be from list of the ingredients that we’re about to share soon)👂

3. Compare the ISA’s list of spices to yours and in case it matches you win and get a goodie from the Marketing Unit of the University of Tartu 🥳🎉

Register yourself and sharpen your knives 🔪

Make sure to be ready on Oct 09, 2020, at 19:00

Ingredients List 👇

Dish 1: Cucumber Salad 🥗
Cucumber 🥒 (2 big pieces сhopped in a triangular form)
Garlic Cloves 🧄 (a couple of peeled ones)
Thai red chili 🌶️ (optional)
Salt 🧂 2 grams
Soy sauce 3 grams
Vinegar 1 grams
Sesame oil (optional)
Chili sauce/hot sauce (according to taste)
Sugar 1 grams
Vegetable oil

Dish 2: Beef with potato 🍲
Beef 🥩 200 grams of Diced Meat
Potato 🥔 200 grams (Chopped)
Onion 🧅 1 big/2 small ones
Green onion 2 pieces
Red pepper 1 piece
Garlic 🧄 50 grams
Ginger 5 grams
Sugar 1 tea-spoon
Soy light sauce 2 tea-spoons
Dry Chili 🌶️ 5 grams
Star anise 5 grams (optional)
Cinnamon stake 5 grams (optional)
Noodles 🍜 1 packet
Vegetable oil