Software Engineering is a programme of the University of Tartu that allows you to enjoy the best of  the two cities – Tallinn and Tartu!

The most excellent perks are:

– You can study both at Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu

– Degree certificates from both Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu

– Enjoy and experience both actual and intellectual capitals of Estonia

Being a second-year student, I am going to talk more about the overall experience and things which one can learn from the course, focusing on both technical and enjoyable aspects. To find more about the details and requirement of the programme, follow this link: https://software.cs.ut.ee

Things to learn

The first semester begins with new excitement, and you have the privilege to know your classmates. So, do not miss out on any opportunity to have fun get-togethers.

Moreover, it is also mandatory to travel to Tallinn to attend some courses. Be ready to wake up early and travel 180 km by bus once a week.

There will be different programming languages such as Ruby, F sharp, Java, R, Python and the list goes on. The idea is to have a good grasp on any of the languages so that others will be easy to get hold of. One of the exciting courses that I took was Data Mining where my team and I did a data analysis on food.

One question for all: “Which recipe would you cook next, vegetarian or non-vegetarian!?

Well, to speak about the poster, my team convinced some people to become egetarians!

Our Motto – “Live long, eat healthily and go for vegetarian!”

During the semester, there will be various hackathons, tech-meetups, etc. These hackathons are not just for socializing but will also give you a platform to let the world know about your ideas. And, if your idea has a spark, it might even get funded by prominent organizations to be developed further! One of the famous hackathons is ‘Junction’ where developers and students gather from all around the world.

The third semester is mostly the time where you should be already having an internship or go on Erasmus. Plenty of details are given by the programme head and the University of Tartu staff to help you in finding internships. And, if studying in some other EU state for a semester is what you desire then the details about Erasmus can be found here:  https://www.ut.ee/en/international/international-partners/erasmus-partners

Sometimes, you might feel you’ve lost track of things but always remember that a bad phase is just like a passing cloud and what you do now matters the most in the long run. So don’t give up!

Fun Times

Learning should not be monotonous and very often you need a break so as to see places or to hang out with friends. During summers you can enjoy the weather or just go for a bike ride in Tartu!

Winters have another level of fun where you can go for ice skating and sled in various winter parks such as the Pirita Sports center in Tallinn!

So, go ahead and make your career brighter because Masters in Software Engineering of the University of Tartu is a programme that will teach you a lot, and at the same time you get to enjoy Estonia by being both in Tallinn – the Capital, and Tartu – the Student City!



MA in Software Engineering