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You already know that Tartu is awesome in summer thanks to our ambassador Lasha (if you haven’t read it yet, his blog is here). But if Tartu is too small for you and you want more excitement, there are plenty of things to do in other places in Estonia! Here are some of them.

1. Go to Pärnu

Pärnu is the summer capital of Estonia. It has an amazing beach with white sand and a nice beach park, and the water warms up really quickly there. After a very long Estonian winter, it is so great to lie down under the sun and feel its warmth, and get a bit tanned.

Photo credit:, Indrek Aija
Photo credit:, Indrek Aija

2. Visit Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, 03.07 – 16.07

Since you are going to Pärnu anyway, you might attend Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival as well. The festival was founded in 1987, and its main aim is to support survival of indigenous peoples and their cultures.

3. Go hiking

Especially if you haven’t had a chance to do it yet. If you are in Estonia, hiking is a must. For instance, visit Taevaskoda. Every Estonian visits it at least once in their lifetime! If you want to feel close to nature, this is where you should be. More information here.

estonia summer hiking

4. Visit Võru Folk Dance Festival, 06/07/2017 – 09/07/2017

Why not discover more about the folk art of different countries? The festival programme is full of events: concerts, dance parties, workshops, songs evenings, a street dance event and much more! You will definitely find an interesting event to participate in!

5. Attend Viljandi Folk Music Festival, 27.07 – 30.07

There will be many festival venues across the town! The best folk performers from Estonia as well as great foreign artists will be performing in Viljandi. Come and enjoy music that is old and new, familiar and mysterious at the same time!

6. Explore Viljandi

By the way, Viljandi is a great city! It is really beautiful, and it also has a beach, although in this case it’s a lake beach. In addition, the city boasts castle ruins and a great statue of its legendary mayor.

visit viljandi

7. Visit Kukemuru Ambient Festival, Samliku küla, 04.08 – 06.08

This is a relatively new event, the first festival was held in 2013. The main idea behind the festival is to combine modern culture, ambient, and nature. There you’ll find high quality sound, delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and will be close to nature!

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8. Attend Historical Festival “The Battle of Narva”, 11.08 – 13.08

If you are interested in history, you will definitely like this festival! It brings together military-historical clubs from the North of Europe, which reconstruct one of the most famous battles of the Great Northern War! There you’ll see soldiers in the uniforms of Charles XII and Peter I and get a chance to explore a village from the same time period.

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I hope you are already excited about your next two months in Estonia! And there is much more to do here in the coming months! So, visit, find the most exciting events and have a great Estonian summer!