When I was leaving my country to study  a MA in Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management at the University of Tartu, my family and friends were wondering whether it was worth it for me to cross three continents in pursuit of a degree that is totally strange to them. The long title of the degree also contributed to their inability to understand the benefits and fun that can be derived from doing this Master’s degree programme.

Here are  five reasons why you should join the programme.

  1. This programme is the top ranked Master’s degree in Spa and Wellness management
  2. The curriculum and programme structure is practical in nature, it features business internships and study trips such as visits to companies and world class spas in Estonia
  3. The program structure gives students the opportunity to interact directly with their lecturers
  4. You will have the luxury of being tutored by internationally respected and prominent professors and lecturers with unrivalled experience from USA, Hungary, France, UK, Finland and of course Estonia
  5. Pärnu is a city with a rich history of resorts, spas and wellness facilities dating back more than 175 years. It is also the second-most visited city in Estonia after its capital, Tallinn.

Do you want to know more? Take a look at details of the Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management programme  the official website of the University of Tartu.

In case you might be wondering what you can do with this programme after graduation, I have a good news.  After the graduation, you have the professional capability to manage the world’s top spas, wellness centres, hotel spa and wellness facilities, resorts, treatment centres and facilities as well as hospitality and health-related facilities all around the world.

 Study trip to the Hilton Hotel

Let me talk briefly about my most favourite moment during the studies; a study trip of course! It’s a moment of learning while having fun and making important contacts. I also have some YouTube videos where I talked about this program and its benefits to me as an aspiring professional: Check them out to know how we were getting  first-hand experience.

Study trip to Saaremaa Island

If you have any further questions about the Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management programme at the University of Tartu, I’m always here to help you.

Written By:
Bello Hakeem Kolade (Nigeria)
MA Wellness and Spa Service Design Management