11:45-12.30 – University of Tartu gathers in support of tolerance


Studying in a multicultural environment, barriers of religion, race, sexuality, and so on should not exist. Sall and sallivus (scarf and tolerance) is an activity to show your support. Bring your scarf and create a vivid image of an integrated union.

13:00 – Come to countryside by horse to make scone

Never been to the countryside? Never ridden a horse before? What if you could do these two in one single activity? Save some euros and get out of this town, head to Agricultural Museum. You could learn more about Estonian farm work and bake scones. Mm, delicious!

18:00-22.00 – Out of the drawer!

Did you miss the “Tartu’s got talent” but want to see more talent? Go to Athena centre and see people taking their talent “out of the drawer”. There will be bundles of interesting “drawers” you could discover.

19:00 – Get fit in outdoor gym


You could have dozens of excuses of not doing exercise. Some of those might be not knowing what to do, or not having money for the gym. Get your butt off the couch and hit the outdoor gym. A great trainer will help you out with the moves. It’s not a problem if you go alone; you’ll find others having the same interest in the field. Let’s form a group doing outdoor workout together afterwards.

21:00 – Tour to the students lock-up


Spend a euro to know what the punishment for students was back in 19th century, the lock-up. You might hear fascinating stories about students in the old days. You can see all the drawings, papers, and so on with your naked eyes. I won’t tell more, discover it yourself.

22:00 – Nature barge cruise – star observation

What’s better than to grasp a cup of hot tea, crawl into a fur blanket, and observe stars? Take the cruise and feel it.