As Olivia Newton-John once sang, “Let’s get into physical, Let me hear your body talk.” This is the day for that.

Let us see how active you can be tomorrow.

11:00-12:30 – YOGAFUNC Student Days Special


If you want to bend your bodies with the groovy music through the traditional techniques of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, this activity should be for you. It will be held in Kastani 38 for the price of 5/8 €.

12:30 – Autumn Hike


You should ride the train or bus or do hitchhiking to be at the starting point in Suur Taevaskoda. You will be together with other people to hike along the Ahja River. This event is for free once you get there and more activities are in store for you like a pinecone throwing competition.

18:00-20:00 – Stand-up Science 2016


They say that laughter can burn a lot of calories. If you want to do so, go to Näituse 2, round auditorium for an entrance fee of 5/8 €. Who said geeky stuffs can’t be fun?

18:00 – Tartu Amazing Race


Well, we, the International Student Ambassadors, are proud to present this race around the town that will challenge the teamwork among your friends through different tasks. For a price of 5 €, your team might be able to take the pot money which you can enjoy later. This event will start at the Kissing Students Fountain. Just find people in outfits from your favorite movies and you can join them in running.

20:00 – Video roller-disco


To be help in Skatetown, Kastani 38 for 5 €, end the night partying with disco music. To top it up, do it in roller skates. Isn’t this exciting? Let us get it rolling!