I propose a series of events you should attend tomorrow during the Student Days. You will go from greenery scene to guaranteed fun night.

14.00 – Guided tour in Botanical Gardens

UT160603AT0716  Fotosessioon Rahvusvaheline turundus Tudengid Reklaampildid Foto Andres Tennus/Tartu Ülikool   *** Local Caption *** suvi  Botaanikaaed
Foto Andres Tennus/Tartu Ülikool

You may have a same curiosity like me, what is a guided tour in the garden about? Maybe history of the Botanical Gardens, or stories of different plant species. To be in the tour, you have to register either via phone 737 6180 or e-mail botaed@ut.ee.

15:00 – 17.00 – Obstacle course “Sporty student”


There are many types of sports for you to choose from. You can attend the obstacle course and potentially win sporty special prizes. The tasks are related to sports available in the sport club, obviously.

17:00 – 20.00 – How to roll Vietnamese spring rolls


Pretty sure that you’re hungry after hours of working out. It’s time to recharge yourself. After this event, you are able to tell some facts about Vietnam, differentiate between spring rolls and summer rolls, and make Vietnamese spring rolls yourself. You can proudly say, “I can roll Vietnamese spring rolls properly”.

22:00 – Pretty OK party


Now you’re full and ready for party, aren’t you? The cool thing in “Pretty Ok party” is the Dance Battle. Each team has 90 seconds to prove to the audience that they are the best dancers. The winner wins desirable prizes. Buy the tickets in advance to get cheaper price. Also, registration for the Dance Battle is needed.