If you won’t be tired from last night’s beerpong championship, read on and find out about tomorrow’s events which you should nonetheless not miss. Get up and get ready for a day full of intriguing events during day three of the Tartu Student Days!

8 – 11: How to earn if there is nothing to burn?

Estonia is known for its many startup companies but few people know what a startup business actually is and how challenging the startup world can be. sTARTUp Day Tartu 2016 is a business festival aimed at promoting the startup spirit and is going to be held for the first time ever this December here in Tartu. Join the sTARTUp Day crew on town hall square this morning for a little jam session while enjoying free coffee and snacks. You will also have the opportunity to save yourself a free ticket for the event so… don’t miss out!

15-17: Orienteering at Toome Hill

How well do you know Tartu? Find out at the orientation game taking place on Toome Hill this afternoon. Registration fee for students is 1€ and you can start any time from 15:00 onwards (the track is open until 17:00). All participants take part in a prize drawing, special prizes await the runners who manage to find all the checkpoints the fastest. I have participated several times in this kind of outdoor orientation event here in Tartu and I can only recommend it! You learn more about the city you live in and get to experience it from a completely new perspective.

16:30: Bog Hike


The hike will take place in the bog of Selli-Sillaotsa (5 km) which is part of Alam-Pedja nature reserve. It includes walking on the boardwalk through the bog, a great view from one of the watchtowers on the way as well as sandwiches and tea at the end of the day (registration fee for students is 4€, prior registration is needed! tonis@agape.ee). I personally went on this hike already twice, once during summer time and once in autumn and I can definitely recommend it. Learn about Estonian nature and enjoy getting out of the city for a bit – you won’t regret it.

20:00: ESN International Food Fest

A classic event and one of the highlights of each semester! Come and join the Erasmus Student Network in Restaurant Atlantis for a culinary trip around the world. Registration for cooking teams has ended already, however, you can still go and for a fee of 4€ enjoy meals from all over the world in an international atmosphere.

Those are some of my recommendations; however, this list is not complete. Other events which spiked my interest were the game developing workshop and the craft beer brewing. You can check the full programme here. Enjoy today but don’t forget to leave a bit of energy for the upcoming days!