After the first day of Tartu Student Days, you should be already aware of how entertaining these days are gonna be. Even if you missed the taste of pancakes, you still have a chance to experience so many emotions and feelings during following days.

Therefore, let’s explore the programme of 2nd day of The Student Days.

8:00 – 11:00 – Tooth-brushing morning

This might be once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in unique event at the corner of Ülikooli and Lossi street. All you need is your toothbrush, toothpaste and good mood. So start your day with fresh breath and fun event. The entrance is free of charge.

16:00 – Wine orienteering


The event takes place at Pirogov square. Here you will finally have an opportunity to test not only your skills in drinking alcohol, but also the knowledge about different drinks. You have to group teams of 4 people (the gender doesn’t matter). You will have to compete with other teams for special prizes from organisoers. Remember, that you’ll have to consume alcohol, and that means you gotta be responsible for yourself. And the best thing, taking part is free of charge!

18:00 – Virtual Reality Night out & Social Gaming of the future


Virtual realty has brought new opportunities not only for regular consumers, but also for IT developers and businesses all over the globe. Even if you have never tried on Oculus Rifts or other VR gadgets, it might be the right time to try and to test what it feels like to be in completely different reality and playing exiting games! Worth to mention that you will be guided by professionals and entrance is for free! Just bring you phone or tablet fully charged. Event takes place at Ülikooli 17.

18:00 – Poetry Freedom

Event for those who love to put their thoughts in lines of poetry. If you feel you have something to share with others (whether it’s in your mother tongue or other language), feel free to attend it in Galerii Noorus, before sending brief introduction about yourself to osalen@studentdays.ee. Free of charge.

19:30 – Show debate: should Daenerys Targaryen try to conquer the Iron Throne?


Loving debates? And being a fan of Game of Thrones? Here might be something for you! University of Tartu debate club will present pros and cons on the topic “Daenerys Targaryen should not try to conquer the Iron Throne“. Location: Genialistide club.

19:00 – Korp! India Quiz Night

Group the teams up to 5 people and test your knowledge about great India. The event will take place in apartment at Korporatsioon Indla, Tähtvere 4-2, and before coming, send an email about your team to malukas@indla.ee. Students by all nationalities are welcome. Free of charge.

N.B. No alcoholic drinks!

20:30 – Movie Night: Searching for Sugar Man

Documentary about the man of inspiration for many generations in South Africa. He has been considered as the mysterious 1970s rock’n’roller, Rodriguez. IMDB rating: 8.2. Come to Bar Edison, and maybe you will find new idol. Entrance is free of charge.

21:00 – Beerpong championship


And finally, at the end of the day, don’t miss the chance to meet new people at Gunpowder Cellar taking part in Beerpong Cup. Find a mate and register your team with creative name (for students 8 EUR, others 10 EUR in cash). Best ones, out of 64 teams will be rewarded with valuable prizes from Saku and Gunpowder Cellar. Take a chance and be a Beerpong champion of Student days! Good luck!