Tartu in a Semester – Shefali (India)

Photo Credits: Shefali

Tartu has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are here for a semester or for the entire course of your programme, then depending on your preferences, there are plenty of wonderful places that you can and must visit when living in this beautiful city of Tartu.


A walk around Karlova is a definite must. It was late summer when I stumbled upon this gem of a place while I was exploring Tartu. Away from the city noise lies this picturesque district of Tartu. Karlova can be a peaceful escape for anyone-just stroll around and admire the serenity that the place has got to offer. The wooden houses, unique and cosy cafes and churches are worth discovering.  

Photo Credit: Rabamonument, Deviantart

Raadi Mõis Park

The park is located at the shore of Lake Raadi near the Estonian National Museum. The park and the Raadi manor was once a home to a noble family who were significant art collectors. Nowadays you can enjoy its timeless beauty and elegance.  

Photo Credits: Shefali

Estonian National Museum

The museum is all about Estonia through the ages. If you are interested in knowing more about the history of Estonia, then you should definitely visit the Estonian National Museum. I guarantee you a wonderful experience!

Photo Credits: Tarmo Haud

Anne Kanali Rand

The Anne Canal Beach is located on the left bank of the Emajõgi river. This is the place to be if you find peace by the water. During the summer, one can also go and enjoy a fresh swim there.

Photo Credits: Shefali


Take out time and plan a one day trip to Elva. One can reach this place via bus (GO busses) from the Tartu bussijaam. From city tours to hiking on the Väike Väerada trail Elva has got much to offer.

Photo Credits: Shefali