Exam season is just about to over, some of you might already think for some gateway to celebrate the end of the semester or have no idea where to go? Well, If you are into nature,  forest, or just want to simply enjoy the different atmosphere, you have plenty of choices here in Estonia. There are nature sites, lakes, hiking tracks, national parks and many more. Definitely, you will never run out of “nature list to go”.

Last week, I got a chance to check the most authentic Estonian nature: the swamp! We went to Hüpassaare study trail which was located in Soomaa National Park near to Viljandi. There are more swamps in Estonian apart from Hüpassaare. In Sooma National Park only, it has multiple swamps and trails. You can check their webpage to see more.

To reach Hüpassaare study trail, it takes approximately one and half hour drive from Tartu. There are two routes from Tartu, one goes through Viljandi and another one is countryside way. It is always a good idea to take countryside way, you will get to see Estonian traditional farmhouses.

With 4.4 km long track, this trail started by forest following by huge area of swamp also with some pounds all the way and ended by the forest again. No entrance fee. The swamp has footpath so you would not get wet. Pounds were frozen. Swamp was interesting and it was hard to believe that those trees are decades old and that they would not get any bigger. Do you know why they can not get bigger? Please Comment below.

Photo credits: https://loodusegakoos.ee

Not forget to mention, they have shelter, toilet, and fireplace with barbecue grill, so bring with you some sausages or marshmallows also strong men to cut the firewoods. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some warm roasted sausages after the walk? P.S.Woods are free.

Photo credits: Nur Eka

To end your swamp day-out you can stop in Viljandi on the way home and have a nice meal or just a hot chocolate in local restaurant or cafe. There are many nice restaurants you can always check on the internet. You might arrive at Viljandi as it gets dark and I personally think Viljandi is best at night. Those ruined castles, old church and old town look so magical in the dark so if you still have more energy, don’t miss them especially the castle ruins. From this place, you will get the view of the city and Viljandi lake as well!

Photo credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blizzardfoto/15510298084/in/photostream/
Photo credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blizzardfoto/16095154432/in/photostream/

Some useful tips for you if you plan to go to Hüpassaare

-Beware of reindeer and other wilds on the road.

-If you are from tropical places like me, wear layers and comfortable clothes. Make sure that you would not get cold.

-Bring headlamp in case you will still be there after dark.

Nur Eka Fitriani

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