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Finally, that day has come – student festival begins today!

Only recently we have welcomed newly arrived international students to Tartu while our fellow Estonian students have to get used to going to classes every day. In order to get into the ˈStudent Daysˈ atmosphere, we highly recommend getting to know the official programme which you can find online in both Estonian and English.

We are sure there will be something to see and experience for each one of you, so let’s get the party started! Here is what we recommend for today.

08:00-12:00 – Pancake morning

Is there a better way to start the first day than with delicious pancakes in the Townhall Square? Student Days organizers, as well as other organisations, will make sure to offer you with mouthwatering food and get your stomach full! Come and start your day properly!

pancake morning tartu 2016









17:00 – Mortal Football X

Are you good at smashing buttons and pulling levers? Even if your answer is not, you should definitely come and experience football on a table in one of the oldest standing building in Tartu. The entrance is free of charge.

18:00 Photo Scavenger Hunt on rollerskates

For those who are more adventurous, we highly recommend a hunt on roller skates. Capture the most breathtaking and exciting places in Tartu on roller skates and enjoy the evening with your friends for only 3EUR particiption fee. Here is the link to register.

18:00 Cathedral ruins at nighttime

Student Days offer you magnificent opportunity to experience the Tartu Cathedral towers at night and enjoy magical view of the town! It is certainly on a ˈmust-doˈ list for all of you who are newcomers. The event is free for the students of the University of Tartu.









19:00 Language cafe

Certainly, you felt that your foreign language skills are rusty and need to be polished? We all do fell that from time to time. Here is the opportunity for you to practice your language, discuss interesting topics and spend time in inspiring international environment. The event is free of charge, so see you there!

language-cafe autumn student days 2016