While the exam season is gaining momentum and you spend more and more time in the library, do not forget that to boost your productivity, you also need to rest from time to time and change your activity.

Go for a coffee with your friend, take a walk through the Botanical Garden, read books, watch the episode of your favourite TV Show, or check these interesting events that take place in May and June in Tartu:

15×4 Tartu: Algorithms, Behavior Analysis, Poetry, Creativity
16th of May

If you feel that classical lectures are not for you and you want to expand the horizons of your knowledge, go the 15×4 Tartu event, in which 4 lectures will present 15 minutes talk from different fields of science.

This time lecturers will talk about filter bubbles and how algorithms affect our life, what behaviour is and how science looks at it. Also, we will talk about poetry and whether computers will become the next Van Gogh or Da Vinci.

For more info, please look at the full information available here.

Night of Museums
19th of May

Once a year, the museums all over the world open their doors for everyone who is eager for new knowledge. They provide special programmes and prepare surprises, and the entrance is completely free on this night.

But it is also a lot of fun to go to the museum at night and see them from a different side.

Check the programme for the Night of Museums in Tartu here.

Night of Churches
25th of May

If you like the idea of going somewhere at night after you’re tried the Night of Museums, you may also want to visit churches and speak with believers. As you know, all mysteries and miracles happen at night, so it will be definitely an unforgettable experience.

Take a look at the full info and also practice your Estonian here.

Music Festival “Indiefest”
25th – 26th of May

But if you’re tired of new knowledges and just want to have fun and listen new music, then why not go to an alternative music festival that brings the newest, most interesting and mind-blowing artists from Europe and Estonia to Tartu! Indiefest’s programme can be found here.

11th-17th of June

Even though I’m sure you will have a lot of exam stress, you should definitely not miss the biggest and oldest street art festival in Tartu. This celebration brings together street artist from all over the world. During these days, more streets with be enriched with new cool street arts and you can be a part of that.

Student festival Gaudeamus
22nd – 24th of June

Let’s celebrate the end of the exam period with the biggest student festival of the Baltics. Gaudeamus is a perfect opportunity to wind down and enjoy true local culture, as around 4000 performers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will take part. They will sing, dance and play music and you can share your emotions with them and the crowd.

Check the full programme here.