Being a student at the University of Tartu makes one highly skilled in their respective field. We all are trained in our respective curriculum which teaches us to learn and grow every day. Each of us has many ambitions in our lives and of course, all of us want that one dream job.

As the famous saying goes:

Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life

– Confucius

Either you wish to be a Successful Entrepreneur, or you would like to work at your Dream Company. Whatever the reason would be, here are some tips that I would like to share in order to help you to get into your desired profession in Estonia.

  1. Keep your Skills Updated

Always keep track of what is happening around you. Questions like, ‘What a job market needs?’ is very vital. So be prepared and learn something new every day. Try to see online job portals for the requirements of skills and shape yourself accordingly.


  1. Multi-tasking is the Key

Estonians are multi-taskers. They can work, be fit, go to the gym, and perform well in academics all at the same time. So even in the depressing winters, be active and do not keep procrastinating things until the end.

  1. Grow your Professional Network

LinkedIn is a popular platform to grow your professional network. Not just networking, they have good job posts too. So keep your LinkedIn updated and expand your network professionally instead of spending all your time on Facebook.

  1. Attend career fairs

UT organizes career fairs for students like us. Companies are there to hire your talents so why not attend all of them and get to know more about various organizations. This will help you to speak to people who are very skilled in their field. They talk about job position openings, and you may be the lucky one to get a job. You can get to know about these career fairs via Facebook or through the University website. One, for example, will be in February 15th , organized by Tartu University and here is the link if interested : http://careerday.ut.ee/english

  1. Apply for Erasmus/Internships

If you are thinking you are not skilled enough or want to explore opportunities in other European countries, then Erasmus programmes and internships are the best options for you. These programmes will help sharpen up your skills and even let you explore Europe. Some Erasmus opportunities can be found on your course webpage. One of the links from my Programme Master’s in Software Engineering is:


  1. Apply for jobs


Keep applying for jobs and Do Not get de-motivated by rejections. Some of the links for job portals are:

  1. a. ee
  2. CVKeskus.ee
  3. Tudengiveeb.ee
  4. LinkedIn – Jobs in Estonia
  5. Workinestonia.com


  1. Crack the interview

Interviews are of various types and have different rounds. These rounds get harder and they are there to test your skills and to see if you fit into the position. So, do not be scared, follow tips 1-6 to be prepared to shine on the day of your Interview. All the Best.

Madhushree Singh

MA in Software Engineering

Photo credits : Madhushree Singh