14:00-15:30 — Speed Debating

Have you ever argued in favour of liberalism? Tolerance? Or tried to convince your flatmates that having a cat is better than not having it? It’s always a pleasure to succeed in defending your point of view, isn’t it? So, go and try to do it within 1,5 minutes in front of unknown people. Test your argumentation at Speed Debating event, which will take place in Pirogovi park.

18:00-20:30 — Fear Factor

Fear Factor

The scholars claim there are more than 500 phobias (you can even check them outhere). You might be familiar with or even experience altophobia, a fear of heights, or xenoglossophobia, which is a fear of foreign languages. But can you imagine, that some of the people are thaasophobic, in other words, they are afraid of sitting! I can’t promise you’ll find at Fear Factor these pretty exotic persons, but anyway it’s always interesting what the people around you are afraid of. Go to the Fear Factor and find it out! Unfortunately (or fortunately!) the preliminary round has already taken place a week earlier, but this shouldn’t prevent you of enjoying the show.

19:00-10:30 — Pit stop: Forest


There is no mistype. Student Days offer you to escape the city and spend a beautiful spring night out, till the very morning, in Palumägede. The organizers will drive you to the spot (for free), all you need is just to register yourself. The night will begin with tasks in teams and end with a fun campfire party. Dress up warmer and spend your time with nice people.

21:00 — ESN Tartu Jam Session

Jam Session

If you are not a fan of idea to leave the city, then I’ll definitely recommend to go to Genklubi this night! (And that’s not only because my band Choco Shells is also playing there, I hope you forgive me “abusing the power” in my blog entry). Eight student bands in total are ready to share their talent and passion to music with you. Acoustic sound or hard rock, whatever you prefer, you are going to listen to a variety of genres and voices. I hope to see you there.

21:00-04:30 — Dance Marathon


If you are more into dancing disco, then Dance Marathon is the best event for you on Friday night. You can just have fun or even participate in a dance battle, it’s up to you. The registration is needed, but you can also do it on spot. Just try not to get lost on your way there. Moreover, if you also go for Fear Factor you don’t even need to change the place, because it is also held in Roosi street hangar.

Happy Friday!