I couldn’t come up with any other word but “amazing” to describe Saturday events. Let’s have a look all together what we can do then.

12:00-13:00 — Crate Climbing

If you went to see the adrenaline rush of crate climbing during the Wednesday’s preliminaries then you sure shouldn’t miss the finals on Saturday as it promises to pit the best against each other. This grand finale takes place at Vabaduse avenue.

It seems easier to handle when you look at it from just pictures but putting yourself into the game is way more revealing than you can imagine. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t make it to the finals, this is a sure way to make sure you ensure your lunch break.

18.00 — Tartu Amazing Race

So in Autumn we had this amazing event called Tartu Amazing race which was obviously organized by the International Student Ambassadors. The aim of the event was to bring together a group of young people and test their problem solving skills in a fun way by using several different tasks and quizzes to get them to their final destination. It had a theme of “Superheroes” meaning contestants had to dress as their favourite superheros.

In total there were six teams who participated in the event and it sure was mind blowing. From trying to play ping pong balls into cups filled with water down to finding clues to the next meetup point from little pieces of papers, all our participants sure had fun.

The organizers themselves were quite happy as we saw the contestants try funny techniques in order to get their task done. The fun was second to none and at the end of the event all we could hear was “When are you having this event again?”.

Tomorrow we are having Season 2 of Tartu Amazing race and this seasons theme is “Movie Series”. You do not want to be told what it’s going to be like so my honest suggestion is that you get your butt up tomorrow by 18:00 and get to Raekoja plats to follow the event live. This season is going to be mind blowing and you could just find a team of girls mimicking “Real Husbands of Hollywood”.

PS. Don’t say I told you they will mimic the wayans.

20:00-23:00 — Night Dance Festival

So if you’re like me, and by “like me” I mean if you’re an international student studying full time or on Erasmus exchange, this might be your best shot at having an in depth knowledge into Estonian folk dance. If there is one event I will definitely recommend anyone “not” to miss it is the Night Dance Festival.

This event over the years has obviously been well planned to give an insight into Estonian folk dance culture and the amazing part is that you do not only learn by hearing but actually by doing the dance itself. My advice is simple, grab your boyfriend/girlfriend if you’ve got one, your partner, or just come along with yourself. If you’re looking for love, you just might find it here.

PS. I know someone who actually met his partner through events like this.