1. Ewert and The Two Dragons

Ewert and The Two Dragons is an Estonian indie-rock band. Their debut album was released in 2009 and have been widely received since then.


A musical project started by Andres Kõpper NOËP is fairly new to the indie-electronic scene, but has generated a lot of attention.

3. Mari Jürjens (formerly Pokinen)

An Estonian actress and singer who released her first album in 2010. Her heart felt singing and beautiful acoustic melodies truly make her music standout.

4. Curly Strings

The Curly strings are an Estonian folk group. Their energy and enthusiasm is sure to have you dancing and singing along (or at least trying to).


TRAD.ATTACK! is an experimental ethno/folk band whose unique sound has garnered many fans. Trad.Attack! has recently won numerous awards including BestBand and Best Album at the ESTONIAN MUSIC AWARDS 2016.

6. Kerli

Kerli is a dream pop singer who has gained international popularity. She has a unique style and music with a magical “fairy-like” quality.

7. Vaiko Eplik

Vaiko Eplik’s music is enchanting. His sound is relaxing, but is equally filled with strong emotions.

8. Põhja-Tallinn

They are an Estonian hip-hop band know for their powerful lyrics and messages in their music.

9.Karl-Erik Tauker

Karl-Erik is the Estonian golden boy, gaining his popularity from an Estonian music competition show. His music has a nice upbeat and youthful sound.

10. Arvo Pärt

Arvo Pärt is an Estonian composer of classical and sacred music. His works have received international acclaim and even been nominated for Grammies.

11. Winny Puhh

A truly unique sound and performance.