If you find yourself with some free time on your hands and wonder what you can do, you might want to pay a visit to one of the museums operated by the University of Tartu. The museums provide free entry to University of Tartu students, all you need is your student ID.  The staff at the museum is also very friendly, one of the ladies there pointed out the most interesting objects and exhibits to us.

While I’ve been able to visit the University of Tartu Museum at the Tartu Cathedral so far, there are several other museums run by the university. You can find more info about opening times and museums here.

Here are some interesting things about the museum:

Tartu Cathedral

The museum is housed in what used to be the Tartu Cathedral. The museum is in the renovated part of the cathedral and there are also some beautiful old ruins outside. If you’re not very interested in reading and inspecting the exhibits, walking around the ruins is pretty neat and makes for some great pictures!

Learn more about the University

You can learn more about the University of Tartu and see artifacts that explore the history of the university. The museum provides a tablet/iPad with an audiovisual guide to each floor with audio in English, Russian and of course, Estonian. This covers the highlights so if you don’t want to read each exhibit, you can just follow the guide for a quick tour.

Visit the White Hall

The White Hall, located on the third floor of the Museum, is one of the most prestigious venues of Tartu. It also provides an area where you can find a quiet corner to listen to audio guide like my friend below.

Ride Tartu’s Oldest Elevator

The museum also has the oldest elevator in the city. It’s pretty neat, with doors you have to close yourself and definitely worth a visit.

Learn some Trivia

There’s also some interesting information about the first rector of the University, Georg Friedrich Parrot. Apparently, he was assumed dead when he was born since he wasn’t breathing and was put in a coffin to be buried. It was only upon his mother’s insistence that one final check was made and he was found to be breathing and was saved!

Discover the Formula for Human Bliss

That’s right, you can find the formula for human bliss and not just plain old happiness either. So, thankfully Georg Parrot’s mother saved him from a premature burial and he went to become a scientist. Amongst his documents, he also left behind a formula through which once can achieve human bliss. You can see a VERY blurry image of it below but if you’re truly committed to achieving bliss, I’d suggest going to take a look at this yourself.

Written By:
Anoosha Zahid (Pakistan)
MA in Quantitative Economics

Photos By:
Anoosha Zahid

Cover Photo From:
University of Tartu