If you ever wondered why people are not rational and pay huge amount of money for half-bitten apple products, if you ever wanted to start your own company but didn’t know hot to achieve growth and success, if you ever expressed interest in big data and it’s visualization but gave up because of uncertainty and complexity, if you ever wanted to train people and prove them that their business processes or software products can be perfected or if you still have poster of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates near your bad and quietly dream of Space Conquest like Elon Musk, than the Master’s programme in Innovation and Technology Management at the University of Tartu is for you.

How did I end up there? After graduating from the university with a Bachelor in Electronic & Computer Engineering with working background in the faddy world of modern experimental physics, I definitely knew three things:

  1. I would continue my Master’s studies;
  2. My Master’s would be abroad;
  3. My Master’s would NOT be connected to any kind of physics!

Narrowing the scope by finding corresponding programmes, eliminating the wide list of the countries and universities was not an easy process, but what’s important is that my so-called perfect algorithm of choosing a Master’s ended up with Estonia, University of Tartu and its new programme of Innovation and Technology Management, or simply ITM.

Before coming here, I knew that it was an experiment, a risky one because of the programme itself – completely new approach to studies, gradually developing courses and no feedback from previous graduates (as ITM is a novel Master’s). But in the anticipation of drinking a champagne, I welcomed this risk and today, I can boldly say that I’m studying one of the most interesting, catching, prospective Master’s programmes not only in Estonia but worldwide. (If you don’t believe try to google course structure and possible career opportunities).

Even I was mentally prepared for intense studies, trust me, here the reality is much more different than expectations. As ITM unites business & economics, IT and features of law, I’m not only gathering myriad information but still discovering things I haven’t even heard existed.

In the first semester of studies I’ve virtually traveled in European countries and designed policies for their development, worked in various companies and analyzed their cases, wrote requirements for their software, built the most chromatic visual programmes and discussed economic systems’ and their relations in the modern world. And that was only the beginning…

I’ve already decided to continue future studies as a digital business analyst rather than an innovation manager, but everything can change.

…I don’t know yet whether I’ll be female Jeff Bezos or just hide behind some huge company’s achievements, digging in data and analytics, but in both ways, I’m sure that experience and knowledge provided by Master’s in Innovation and Technology Management at the University of Tartu will play a major role in my future career.

As for you, keep in mind that the application deadline is March 15. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Written By:
Nino Tkeshelashvili (Georgia)
MA in Innovation and Technology Management

Cover Photo By:
Playtech Estonia