It is my final year at the University of Tartu, and, despite the fact that I have been desperately waiting for an end to midnight deadlines, early morning classes, and exams, I feel nostalgic! I began in 2016 and enrolled in Masters in Software Engineering but, I must say, that this course has transformed me. Not only will this course give me a Masters Degree, but, it has also transformed me as a person!

The fun part that I am definitely NOT going to miss is:

  1. When you are halfway through an assignment, and then you realize the meaning of the question was totally different! – This has happened quite a lot of times. When you read the question, you feel like you know the solutions, but when you are halfway done, you realize the meaning of the question was very very different, and you’d be like:
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  2. When the code written for an exam or school project is not working ;)
    – Aha, I am happy this one is gone. To all the programmers, I am sure it gets annoying when your code doesn’t work.
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  3. Exams! And the true hidden reaction when you see the question paper :DYou feel like it is the end of the world, but you quietly write down whatever you know.Exams GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  4. And most importantly – Midnight deadlines, a.k.a. it’s already 11:58, and there are only 2 minutes remaining….
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On the other hand, what makes me Nostalgic about having to finish my Masters is:

  1. Being an International Student Ambassador!
    ISA is very close to my heart. It is a volunteer-based organization, and we help newcomers settle in Estonia. ISA also holds fun and educational events throughout the year to keep motivating the students. I am truly going to miss being a part of it!
  2. Student discounts! – Leaving University also means losing the ISIC card :(
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  3. Having fun times with Dormitory buddies!
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Even though I am about to finish my Masters, yet, this Goodbye is not an End, because the memories created will live in my mind and heart forever. My suggestion to the students currently studying in UT is to make the best out of it! Once gone, UT days will never come back again!