Visiting a new country is always quite exciting, especially when it comes to experiencing and tasting local food. Country’s cuisine tells a lot about living habits and it’s not surprising that most of newcomers are desperately searching for typical meals of Estonia.

While asking some local friends, after a long pause all they could remind was homemade bread, sandwiches with homemade bread and fish and several types of again homemade bread with very simple ingredients.

Frankly speaking, it was a bit surprising for me and that why’s I decided to do a little research about what classical Estonian food tastes like. Here we go!

  1. Sprat Sandwiches

It turns out, those very simple and delicious Sprat sandwiches are not just appetizers but one of the indivisible parts of a big occasion of every Estonian. Of course, the main parts of this easy-made dish are tasty, black bread and tiny, salty-oily fishes, but you can juggle with ingredients and add some boiled eggs, cucumbers and onions.

New Year is coming and if you’ve decided to spend it with Estonians, you will probably be fortunate enough to taste Sprat Sandwiches. If not, don’t worry, you can master them even having basic culinary skills or order from nearest bakeries.

Funny fact: Estonia made its longest Sprat sandwich and the fact speaks about the importance of the meal in country’s life.

  1. Blood sausage

The first thing I was asked after arrival was – “Have you tasted blood sausages?” It doesn’t sounds very catchy, especially for vegetarians an especially the blood part, but lovers of pork, barely, spices and some ANIMAL BLOOD will totally enjoy it.

Blood sausage is associated with Christmas Eve, but you can try it at local restaurants and even buy in the markets.

  1. Kama dessert

Time for a dessert! The mix of different flours such as barley, rye, oat, and pea is traditionally served with sour-milk or kefir. You can add as many berries or fruits as you want and voila, the simplest and very delicious dessert is made.

I’d also suggest tasting Kama ice-cream and Kama-cake, different variations of Kama dessert.

I hope my findings will help you to experience Estonian culture.

Bon appetite.

Written By:
Nino Tkeshelashvili (Georgia)
MA in Innovation Technology Management

Photos By:
Magic Moments Unica