bananas brigita blogpost


The exams and all the final assignments are coming and soon you will have less and less time to treat yourself to something sweet. I have an easy solution for you how to make an incredibly tasty cake with almost no effort and very few ingredients. And above all, you do not actually need to bake it!


  • 500 g of bananas (if you want you can add more)
  • 500 g of sour cream (try to search for less fat sour cream)
  • 600 g of präänik cookies (you can find them in any grocery store sometimes they are called prjaniki)
  • 50 g of sugar (or according to your taste; NB! Präänik cookies are usually already sweet)


The process of making this cake is very simple and will take around 20 minutes. Firstly, mash präänik cookies into small pieces as it looks in the first picture. Then in a separate bowl mix sour cream together with sugar until it is completely melted. You also need to cut bananas into small slices, but be careful and cut it right before putting them to the cake, because, as you already know probably, bananas tend to turn darker if you leave them unpeeled for some time. Of course, the taste of bananas remain the same, just simply it does not look good in the cake anymore.

So once you have all your ingredients ready, divide your cookie crumbs into 3 equal amounts, pour the first part to the baking form and slightly press it with your hands so that all crumbs are spread evenly. Then add half of your sour cream mixed with sugar, and leave the rest for the second layer. Add banana slices on the top of sour cream and repeat everything again with 1/3 of cookie crumbs, the rest of sour cream and a layer of bananas. Finally, once you have two layers of every ingredient done, add the last 1/3 of cookie crumbs and press the cake softly down. And that’s it!

Here it comes the most difficult part – waiting for several hours until the cookie crumbs are completely soaked into the sour cream. Don’t forget to keep it meanwhile in the fridge and all covered, so it does not absorb the smell of food. Enjoy!