christmas celebration in tartu


Waiting for the days with no exams, no homeworks but yes with tons of food, christmas tree and lights, presents, and so on… Well, those days are coming! Only three weeks left for Christmas Holidays (ok, three weeks full of work, stress and crying, got it)!!! The preparation for Christmas happens in Tartu on Sunday 27th, and it is called Advent.

christmas celebration in tartu

Did you see the Christmas Tree that is already there in the Raekoja Plats? Christmas is almost here! You also must have noticed something else in the Town Hall Square, it is called Forest of Swings. In that place you can find hot drinks, meals, some souvenirs and of course swings. Probably you can’t play there, grownups problems. Sorry.

Every year this festive season starts with lighting the 1st advent candle on Raekoja Plats. This year it will be this Sunday. The ceremony usually is handled by a Priest and by the Mayor of Tartu. After the ceremony all Christmas lights are switched on at the same time and then the people can light their own candle in a main candle in the middle of square. Every Sunday of the Advent, people can light their candle. Some concerts will be around the town this season (website below). The Christmas spirit will be all over the town!

Don’t miss the 1st Advent – it is a very special and beautiful moment that takes place in Tartu every year!

Also, the Christmas Market has already opened in the Town Hall Square in Tallinn which takes. There you can find a big Christmas Tree, Santa (if you believe it, of course!), reindeers and adorable big and cute dogs. A good place for shopping such as handcrafts gifs, amber jewelry, concerts and very nice dancing performances and much more. A very nice experience!

If you are interested in what is happen in Tartu check this website:

Hope to see a lot of you on Sunday at 16:00!!!

christmas celebration in tartu