Use simple Math! No, you are not mistaken and no, it is not the misprint. I will show you how it works.


5 days/5 great events means 1 day/1 event. Simple? Yes! Here is the list of all events . Some of them are free, for some you should pay not a big fee. Have a look and make your personal opinion about each of them.



Gather friends! Yes, it is obvious that more friends means more fun. Usually all Tartu students try to celebrate these Days. So if you want to come, but plans of your friends have been changed and they can’t join you, no panic, just go! And find new friends, forget about the old ones who can’t change their plans for you (a joke here).


Say no to your laziness. Yes, we are students. Yes, we are studying hard. Ok, at least we are trying. But remember, you can sleep 365 days in a year, but you can celebrate Student Days only 5 days in a year. So forget about your calm nights and participate.

My personal tips


I would like to share my personal must-go list with you.

25 of April, or Day of Joy. Wake up call/Pancakes morning. You should wake up before the alarm, make a big cup of coffee for yourself, wait for alarm. And now enjoy the view of your angry and sleepy friends! Drink only half of you coffee. Only half! It is important. Then after seeing the scurry of hundred sleepy students, go downstairs and get a pancake at the Pancake Morning event. Remember, I told you before not to drink all coffee? Now you have a pancake and half of the cup of coffee. Enjoy!

26 of April, or Beer Day. I would like to tell you about beer. What? Do you think you know everything about it? Sure? Then try your skills in Beer Orienting event! Define your level of knowledge: are you Master, Bachelor or may be Doctor in beer science? If not enough beer for one day, participate in Beerpong in the evening.

27 of April, or Discover Day. Here I suggest to participate in Speed Dating for finding new friends and , who knows, new love, then go to the Board Games Night to play new games with your new friends and after participate in Pub Rally/ Ladies Night where you should party with your new friends after games.

28 of April, or Day of Strength. Look at strong policeman during A Day With the Police, try yourself in Strongest Student competition and run in The Bridge Race. I am sure after this day you will be totally dead.


29 of April, or Day of Speech. I am not going to tell here about the importance of perfect and correct way of speaking, but I suggest you to participate in Speed Debating to improve your skills, then go to the Excursion of Rüütli Street to learn from professional guide how to tell interesting stories to the public, and in the evening traditionally sing at Jam Session.

30 of April, or Day of New. Two great events here. Tartu Amazing Race helps you to discover new places in city, and Walpurgis Night that.. Oh, no! I will not tell you about this! Be curious and you will see by yourself the whole beauty of fireworks and music.

1 of May, or Day of Science. The Crazy Scientist Returns from a Trip will give you the pride to be the first visitor of a new exhibition about the world explorers.

Well, I think, I have done everything what I can to motivate you for celebrating with us Student Days. And see you there!

Photo credit: Official Tartu Student Days account on Instagram