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RADITA (Indonesia)

NAME: Radita Liem
EMAIL: raditaliem@gmail.com *
COUNTRY: Indonesia
PROGRAMME: Computer Science

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I wanted to deepen my knowledge in computer science and I heard many good things about Estonia’s tech sector, so why not study here? University of Tartu is among the top 2% universities of the world. Extremely.Good.Deal.

Why Estonia?

I’m a big fan of Estonia, especially its e-governance and e-residency programme. So I thought living here would be interesting to get firsthand experience and maybe I can take this learning back to my country.


* International Student Ambassadors can tell you about living in Tartu and their study programme. All questions about scholarships, application procedure, required documents must be directed to studyinfo@ut.ee. You can also fill in an online form.