NIKOLAY (Russia)


NAME: Nikolay Roll
PROGRAMME: Innovation and Technology Management

Why did you choose to study this programme?

The programme of Business Administration gives a broad overview on how to run a business. But, not only. It is important nowadays to be flexible and know something on various matters. Such topics as international cooperation between countries and their interdependencies help widen my horizons. The university itself, the programme, and various student organizations also help me make the best of my time in Estonia.

Why Estonia?

Before coming to Tartu, I had been living all my life in the city of Saint-Petersburg, which is right next to the Baltics. As I have been visiting Baltic countries throughout my childhood, I’ve decided that it would be a great opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree here. Choosing the university, I considered the ranking as well as personal attachment toward the place. Estonia and, particularly, the University of Tartu is a great merge of both for me. Here I have met new people I would never even think of and have made valuable friends.

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