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THAI (Vietnam)


NAME: Nguyen Van Thai
COUNTRY: Vietnam
PROGRAMME: PhD in Medicine

Why did you choose to study this programme?

“What shape is the sky?” the young frog asked.
“It is round, don’t you see it?” said the old frog.
“Yes, I see. But if I jump out of this well, what shape is the sky?” wondered the young frog.

It is a metaphor to demonstrate my desire to have personal growth through education abroad. I could get out of my comfort zone, think out of the box, and see how developed the dental field in the world is.

Why Estonia?

I visited Tartu, “kauneim linn Eestis”, last year for 3 months. That visit was immersed with joy, surprise, and satisfaction. I developed a sentimental attachment to my lovely Estonian friends, special love with this fresh and peaceful city, and enthusiasm to discover further about this place. Tartu is a dynamic city moving in a calm pace.

It is true that once you fall in love with Tartu, you will return. I decided to further my education at the University of Tartu, which is among the top 3% of the most prestigious universities in the world. I love to challenge myself at an internationally recognized university to keep my mind and my eyes wide open. More importantly, I have full financial support for my study and encouragement to undertake research in Vietnam from my supervisor. I am enthusiastic about witnessing and contributing to the transformation of the University of Tartu and research development in my own country.

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