MEREY (Kazakhstan)

Facebook & Telegram Manager

NAME: Merey Beisembayev
COUNTRY: Kazakhstan
PROGRAMME: Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Since the final years of high school, I started to see that a strong foundation of entrepreneurial and marketing skills and an understanding of business environments are rapidly gaining more significance in a modern, fast-paced world landscape. Therefore, my burning desire to study Business Administration program was kindled through the valuable opportunities it gives a student to acquire a detailed knowledge of business disciplines. Business Administration programme focuses on all major functional areas of business and integrates practical learning as a part of the studies but simultaneously leads to many possibilities and career paths for future professional growth. Having considered the curriculum of Business Administration programme and an impeccable reputation of the University of Tartu, I was strongly convinced that my ambition to thrive intellectually will be even more fulfilled and encouraged during the next several years of studying this programme.

Why Estonia?

Estonia drew my attention as an attractive study destination due to its flexibility and dynamic economic growth. I am fascinated by how Estonia preserves its enriched culture and natural heritage and at the same time enhances its position in the world arena as a leader in innovative technologies and digitalization. Furthermore, I admire that the country is Europe’s start-up hot-spot and is home to many globally successful businesses. Particularly, the city of Tartu appeals to me by being one of the prominent intellectual capitals in Europe, where students can fulfill their potential and bring their ideas to life.

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