MARIAM (Georgia)


NAME: Mariam Tlashadze
COUNTRY: Georgia
PROGRAMME: Master’s in EU-Russia Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

My Bachelor’s degree is in International Relations from the Tbilisi State University. After finishing my studies at the university, I wanted to continue my specialization on the EU-Russia bilateral relationship. The programme is interesting for me as I believe that it will provide me with specific and exact knowledge about the relations of, and between, these two powerful international actors. Knowing about both the EU policy and the policy of Russia is a huge advantage in the field of international relations, while the knowledge of EU-Russia relations is a privilege in my point of view. Aside from the chance of honing my skills in my field of study, I believe that this programme will help to enable me to stand on my own feet. This will help me and my personal development and will allow me to become more familiar with the world that I’m going to face as an adult.

Why Estonia?

To start with, I always wanted to study abroad, so after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I focused on checking desirable programmes in different universities in Europe. I chose Estonia mostly due to the University of Tartu’s pretty good reputation. In addition to this, I had basic information about the quality of education here from current-past students. Accordingly, I checked some programmes and their schedules. Fortunately, I have found a suitable and interesting course for me: EU-Russia Studies. That’s how I became a Master’s degree seeking student here! 

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