KATERYNA (Ukraine)

Blog Manager 

NAME: Kateryna Kubrak
EMAIL: kateryna.kubrak@ut.ee
COUNTRY: Ukraine
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Innovation and Technology Management

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Having a complete idea about my future career since the very childhood, is definitely not what I can relate to. What I can say with certainty, though, is that I have always been fascinated by information and technology. Knowing this and possessing a bit of courage, I gained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After graduation, I have come to the conclusion that it has been quite enough of coding for me. At that point, I knew that I wanted to combine my passion for IT and management and that is how I found a perfect master’s. ITM offers everything you would like to know about the world of modern IT from a “softer” perspective and that is what I love the most.

Why Estonia?

During bachelor’s I was lucky enough to go on an exchange and do an internship abroad. These experiences made me realize that I want to do my master’s not back home but rather in some unexpected place. I have to be honest and say that despite originating from a country with a cold winter, I do not enjoy snow and subzero temperatures at all. Yet, I was so excited about Innovation and Technology Management programme that promised myself to deal with the weather. I should also say that the University of Tartu reputation and the feedback from close friends studying here helped me to decide. It seems like I have made quite a right choice.

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