Social Media Manager

NAME: Katerina Bogdanova
EMAIL:  ekaterina.bogdanova@ut.ee
PROGRAMME: Democracy and Governance

Why did you choose to study this programme? 

Back in my home country, I was working as a journalist for a couple of years. I was covering quite a lot of political events, and that’s how I got interested in politics and governance issues as such. While reading the descriptions of Democracy and Governance programme, I realized that it’s exactly what I needed to broaden my mind and get a deeper understanding on how our government works. Time has passed, and now I’m even thinking of not working in the field of journalism but rather in political decision-making because the university has provided me with sufficient knowledge for that.

Why Estonia? 

While doing my first degree in journalism at Voronezh State University (Russia), I went to the University of Tartu as an exchange student. Even though at that time I was not really interested in politics, I attended some other courses, and I really liked the way the teaching process is organized here. The city’s spirit also impressed me, and I made so many good friends here, so I decided to apply to the University of Tartu.

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