EKA (Indonesia)

Facebook Manager

NAME: Nur Eka Fitriani
E-MAIL: fitrianinureka@gmail.com
COUNTRY: Indonesia
PROGRAMME: Excellence in Analytical Chemistry

Why did you choose this programme?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, so I hope this programme helps me deepen my knowledge and improve my skill in analytical chemistry in order to solve the global issue of counterfeit drugs, which affects Indonesia. Beside the undoubted quality, this program also offers a multi-cultural study experience: students have diverse backgrounds and come from different continents.

Why Estonia?

At first, I did not know what to expect about Estonia since I did not know much about this country. Surprisingly, everything turns out well: air quality, e-public service, convenient student life, beautiful places to travel to, good food. In my case, it is an unexpected love.

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