EDUARDO (Mexico)

Project manager

NAME: Eduardo Torres
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Philosophy

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I knew I wanted to become a student at the University of Tartu since the very first time I visited the place seven years ago when I was still in high school. Five years later I was sure I wanted to continue my formal education in philosophy and after examining several university web pages and programmes I realized that my first choice, though based entirely on different reasons, had always been right. This programme has a very individual approach, which allows you to flexibly design your own plan of studies and grants you the opportunity to really follow your own research interests while at the same time offering an international department of professors covering a vast number of fields and areas of study. I could not be more satisfied and excited about my decision.

Why Estonia?

I first came to Estonia when I was eighteen years old. I was an exchange student with a profound passion for classical contemporary music, particularly, the music of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. He was the only thing I knew about this mysterious country, but my love for his music was reason enough for me to embark on the most life-changing experience of my life. I lived just for a wonderful year in Tallinn, the capital, and then I went back to Mexico. I knew I had to return to this precious land which had already taught me so much. And I finally managed to do it after six years of longing. I arrived just at the right moment. The wait was worth. So much has changed since then, yet it still feels like home.

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