DIANA (Ukraine)


NAME: Diana Savytska
E-MAIL: disavytskaya@gmail.com
COUNTRY: Ukraine

Why did you choose to study this programme?

New technologies and innovations have transformed the global landscape, leading to an unprecedented change in traditional markets, economic sectors and our perception of the world around us. All these modern changes also have had a tremendous impact on the legal sphere. There are many reasons why I chose to study in the Information Technology Law Programme at the University of Tartu, but the main reasons are the quality and uniqueness of the study curriculum. Moreover, the IT Law Programme provides a great opportunity to learn about some of the technologies transforming our world, such as online services and cybersecurity, from a legal perspective.

Why Estonia?

Living and studying in Estonia provides two major benefits. Firstly, Estonia has a great learning environment and a rapidly growing international community which create a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Secondly, local unspoiled nature and rural countrysides help to transform you into a deep thinker.

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