ANOOSHA (Pakistan)


NAME: Anoosha Zahid
COUNTRY: Pakistan
PROGRAMME: Quantitative Economics

Ambassador is temporarily inactive spending time studying abroad.

Why did you choose to study this programme? 

I chose the Quantitative Economics programme because of its focus on theory along with practical knowledge. The programme’s links to industry and the ability to learn from professionals working in the field was also a vital aspect of choosing this programme.

Why Estonia? 

I was primarily inspired by the programme I have chosen. I discovered that the University of Tartu is highly ranked in the world and several disciplines in particular. Upon doing some research, I learned more about the country and was pleasantly surprised how forward-thinking and progressive it seems to be. At first, I was hesitant to move to a country where I knew no one, not even the language! Now everything seems to work out well so here I am, and I really love it so far!

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