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KEVIN (France)

NAME: Kevin Chavanne
PROGRAMME: Democracy and Governance

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Graduating from a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University made me realise my deep interest in political science and economics. As the University also offers Master’s programmes in English, I made sure I could continue my studies here in Tartu in the exact field I desired to study. The possibility to extend the field of study via the optional courses also lets me create my own schedule – with economics and political science merged together.

Why Estonia?

I had a random opportunity to travel to Estonia when I was in high school. I have made friends here and therefore heard about the University of Tartu as being a national pride. I applied after my high-school for a Bachelor of Business Administration which I successfully achieved – Now, I am in Masters degree still amazed by the focus on education. Moreover Estonia is one of the most « European » countries that I have yet discovered, here I am sure to meet interesting people from all around the world. Every semester is a new international experience, with hundreds of new students from all around the planet.

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