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HAKEEM (Nigeria)


NAME: Bello Hakeem Kolade
EMAIL: hakeembee2000@yahoo.ca*
COUNTRY: Nigeria
PROGRAMME: Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management

Why did you choose to study this programme?

My aim for choosing this programme is to acquire skills and knowledge required to effectively engage various organisations that operate in the modern tourism, leisure and hospitality world which will further enhance my previous education, work experiences and skills.

Why Estonia?

My country is independent with fast growing economy but has its challenges and set back in the aspects of wellbeing, leisure, medical wellness, tourism, management and entrepreneurship and I know that Estonia is a country that has been able to transform its challenges into strengths with social innovations, problem solving and unique solutions. My passion and desire to study this programme at the University of Tartu is as a result of the fact that the programme focuses on understanding the practical approach to run my own tourism business, manage resorts and spas, manage wellness, health and recreational organisations, work for local government social and rehabilitation services, continue in research, PhD studies and an academic career.  Of course, the availability of free tuition or tuition waiver, which I am currently enjoying is core part of the reason.

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