FAVOUR (Nigeria)


NAME: Ezinne Favour Ogwuegbu
E-MAIL: ogwuegbufavourezinne@yahoo.com
COUNTRY: Nigeria
PROGRAMME: Master’s in International Relations and Regional Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

My curiosity to understand more about the world and its political dynamics, in addition to my passion for a national law, and observing carefully the local politics of my region in Nigeria, motivated my pursuance of a BA in International Relations, and consequently my recourse towards an MA in International Relations and Regional Studies, with a great desire to revitalize the foreign relations and diplomacy between my country, and the rest of the world. It is the ideal programme for me to better understand the disparities and alignment between state practices (politics) and international law, as well as to learn more about international organizations.

Why Estonia?

Honestly, I did not have an expansive amount of knowledge about Estonia prior to becoming a student of UT. At the top of what I admired most about Estonia was its successful e-governance, its first female head of state and the fertile atmosphere for Start-ups. Consequently, I fell in love with the serenity, conduciveness and aesthetics that the city of Tartu in particular provides. The fact that I do not have to study amidst the rush-hour that characterizes most major cities of Europe, is a blessing to me. Overall, I am happy to be able to grow as a “global citizen” and enrich my multicultural knowledge; to feed my hunger to understand the world and its people. Nowadays many countries and visa regimes are quick to dismiss most Nigerians due to stereotypes, but I am grateful for Estonia, for the chance to prove myself as a simple individual in search for knowledge, in a foreign country, and nothing more.

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