TETIANA (Ukraine)


NAME: Tetiana Shtym
E-MAIL: tetiana.shtym@ut.ee
COUNTRY: Ukraine
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Computer Science

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and after graduation, I decided that I want to deepen my knowledge in this field more. As CS is quite a broad field, it was important to me that the programme offers the possibility to choose a specialization (I wanted to do Data Science!). But at the same time, I still wanted to get some general knowledge. The other thing that played a role in my decision was the practical orientation of the programme. When I found the University of Tartu, I realized that this programme is the perfect match. It allows choosing the specialization as well as it offers many different “practical” possibilities for IT students.

Why Estonia?

First of all, Estonia is a rapidly developing country in the IT field. There are a lot of opportunities for IT specialists – startups, hackathons, internships. Secondly, I learned about the University of Tartu from my friend, who highly recommended not only the university but Tartu itself.  And of course, Estonia is an extremely friendly and welcoming country towards international students. Now I am absolutely sure that I made the right choice!

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