Tejas (India)


NAME: Tejas Anil Shah
E-MAIL: tejas.anil.shah@ut.ee
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Computer Science 

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I am from a Computer Science background, as I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering at a reputable university in India. I then took a break from the industry to try out agriculture. This pursuit took me to Israel as well. Unfortunately, that adventure did not work for me, and I wanted to return to Computer Science. I am quite fond of the theoretical aspects of Computer Science and I love to understand the “Why?” of every field. My programme gives me the perfect opportunity to do that. So picking this programme was an extremely easy decision for me.

Why Estonia?

There are multiple reasons that led me to pick Estonia. The first and foremost is that I identify a lot with the cultural aspects of this tiny country. Estonians are known to be hardworking, blunt, and are not big fans of small talk. I believe in these values from my core. In fact, I have a little side project called Skip the Small Talk. If you are interested, you can find the code on my GitHub. The second reason is that it was important for me to be in Europe. Among the options I had I was drawn to Estonia because of its commitment to everything tech. The government and the people in general understand how technology can make their lives better, but at the same time they appreciate nature and things where tech should not be that important. This is again something I relate to a lot. So picking Estonia was also an extremely easy decision for me.

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