NAME: Shefali Sharma
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Software Engineering

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I always had a keen interest in both technology and management. The software engineering programme is a mix of both. It gives me the opportunity to blend my technical as well as management skills. The practical experience in the form of internships, entrepreneurial projects and coursework is immense. I consider this programme to be a perfect launch-pad for me to learn more about new programming languages, paradigms and business.

Why Estonia?

I came across Estonia when I was reading an article of how electronic ID push in Estonia has created a more connected society and made public and private services more personalized and convenient, all while protecting individual privacy. This was when I started reading more about Estonia and got to know more about Estonian government initiatives. This is when I felt that I need to pursue my higher studies from a country where innovation runs deep in the blood. On a personal note, I always have a thing for calm and secluded countries. I feel that Estonia is a hidden gem in true sense; world leader in implementation of technology, quality of life, tranquility and preserved medieval architecture.