SAVIO (India)

Event Manager

NAME: Aditya Savio Paul
PROGRAMME: Robotics and Computer Engineering

Why did you choose to study this programme?

As a space enthusiast, what could be better than being a student in one of the top Universities in the Baltics; pursuing a Master’s Degree in Robotics and Space Technology? This incredible opportunity, combined with the continuing practical experience gained from building the Student Satellite, EstCube-2, which precedes the already acclaimed EstCube-1, exemplifies how extensively the University of Tartu provides the perfect blend of theoretical and practical experience for my Master’s curriculum to be truly exceptional. The socio-academic environment has been stellar and has certainly helped foster positivity and radiate a sense of development through the abundant windows of opportunities present within Tartu, the “City of Good Thoughts”.

Why Estonia?

Estonia, built on the proud heritage handed down from centuries of nationalism and patriotism, stands strong as a country that offers its residents: the freedom of thought, expression, individualism, and internet as a Human Right. On the path towards developing as an E-Country, Estonia renders all the privileges which nurture an individual to an environment filled with the sublime aura of natural beauty with technical advancements.

The City of Tartu warmly welcomed me with the embrace of summer, the beauty of autumn and the snowy winters. The Student Capital of Estonia hosts academic aspirants from all over the world to indulge in a varied curriculum of different disciplines. This gesture alone brings about the combination of extensive cultural and social experiences, which coalesces into a marvelous example of a truly modern and progressive educational ideology supporting the continued development of academic attainment for the betterment of humanity.

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