PAVLE (Serbia)


NAME: Pavle Ramah
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Materials Science and Technology

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I come from a Chemical Engineering background, but ever since high school, I was fascinated by physics even to a larger degree than chemistry (one could argue, in fact, that chemistry is nothing more than a natural extension of physics). But for some reason, I was never brave enough to actually commit to physics on a degree level. After finishing my Bachelor’s in ChemEng, I decided that the time was right to challenge myself with something else – and Materials Science came through as an ideal option blending chemistry with physics, thus reuniting my two loves once again. The programme in the University of Tartu especially seemed like a great choice, since it does its best not to close any doors and keeps up the often-overlooked lifeline between academic research and entrepreneurship.

Why Estonia?

I might come out as a bit crazy here, but it was more or less a combination of chance, fate, and me being an idiot. Let me explain. Last summer, I was doing an internship where my uniform consisted of blue, black, and white so when prompted by a colleague with the age-old question “so what’s next” I looked into my heart (literally) and could only see – well, blue, black, and white. So, being quite familiar with the flags of the world, I decided to look up Estonia as a prospective destination for my graduate studies. And lo and behold, I fell in love immediately, both with the programme and with the rich tapestry consisting of wonderful nature, peculiar history, and just enough off-beatness that made Estonia and Tartu my primary choice. Me being a winter child helped just that one tiny bit to make the decision natural and fill it with expectation. As luck would have it, I got accepted and so here I am – being a much happier idiot, in a country much more colourful than the simplicity of blue, black, and white.

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