PATRIK (Sweden)


NAME: Patrik Persson
PROGRAMME: Master’s in International Relations & Regional Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I was drawn to International Relations for its focus on the dynamic interplay between various actors in world politics, such as states, NGOs and individuals. The list may go on, because these relations are complex, and so interesting to me. My ambition is to work with human rights issues in Europe, for which the IRRS programme fits perfect. Not only does IRRS provide a thorough, deep dive into the theories and many research fields of IR, it also helps me explore different research methods and practical approaches to one of three specialisation regions (the EU/Russia and Eurasia/the Baltic Sea region). Lastly, I appreciate the flexibility of the curriculum – I can take on all my core courses, while also picking from a wide variety of electives – perfect for each student’s specific interests.

Why Estonia?

I opted for Estonia because I want to be in an environment with high research output and be close to nature for my spare time. Estonia offers the perfect combination of this! Being from the North, I know how beautiful the changes in seasons are, so having hiking trails nearby, lakes almost around the corner and forest everywhere (yes, everywhere) around you is a dream! Moreover, a lot of things are a click away (thank you, e-Estonia!). With that said, Estonia, and Tartu, will never fall short of new things to explore- It might feel difficult, at times overwhelming to move to a new country, but I have been greeted with so many smiles in Tartu and really feel part of an international community. To wrap up, Estonia just felt right when I submitted my application, and I have not looked back since.

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