PAOLA (Mexico)


NAME: Paola Avalos Conchas
PROGRAMME: Bachelor’s in Science and Technology

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Since high school, I knew it was the right choice for me to study science, but I could not put my finger on any specifics and wanted a diverse programme. The programme’s structure is designed uniquely, it is the main reason I chose Science and Technology. It allows you to find what interests you the most from different fields of natural and exact sciences and continue down that path.

Why Estonia?

The short answer is that life is full of coincidences.

Because of various videos showing how great life is here, technological advances, freedom, e-government, the beautiful nature and so many more things that make Estonia so amazing, I became interested in this wonderful country. I planned and researched for months and had a structured plan to present to my family, then something surprising happened, my father got married to an Estonian woman. This made the process of moving to a new country a whole less scary. Now that I am here, it is even more beautiful than the pictures. It was definitely the right choice.

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