NICOLE (Ecuador)


NAME: Sandra Nicole Gavilanes Luzuriaga
COUNTRY: Ecuador
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Information Technology Law

Why did you choose to study this programme?

As a lawyer in Ecuador, I noticed that many issues inside the government and amongst its people could be solved using technology and digital means. I chose to study the MA IT Law programme because with the knowledge and skills acquired during my studies, I expect to work in my country and participate in the creation of laws and policies to improve the security of the national databases regarding personal data of all citizens. This will allow the creation of additional regulations regarding the construction of a more technologically inclined nation in important areas that our country needs to develop, and eventually, the establishment of a successful e-government like the Estonian.

Why Estonia?

Since I became interested in information technology and law, I started watching videos and reading articles on the topic. After some of them, I noticed that Estonia kept being mentioned as an example of good practices and innovation, so I decided to do some research, and found University of Tartu! I decided to apply because it has a good reputation of high-quality education. Being here now, I know that Estonia in general is a very well organised country, it has beautiful landscapes, and the living is affordable. Estonia is the hidden gem of Europe.

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