METE (Germany)


NAME: Mete Cilingir
COUNTRY: Germany
PROGRAMME: Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I first realized that I had a sense for business when I was trading football cards in the schoolyard with my classmates, towards the end of secondary school. Due to this early curiosity, I chose to continue my education at a business high school. In these three years, I was introduced to the basic concepts of business administration for the first time. Furthermore, I developed a special interest in the field of entrepreneurship. While I am continuously working on my personal development with a strong focus on my soft skills, I recognize the importance of learning at one of the world’s best universities in the area of business and economics. I expected the Business Administration programme to provide me with an excellent theoretical knowledge base for the career I wish to have. Furthermore, I see it as an ideal platform to build the foundational pieces of my network with a selected group of ambitious and like-minded people.

Why Estonia?

It exists. Love at first sight – or better: emotional well-being from day one. That pretty much describes the feeling I had when I first came to Estonia in January 2019. In this case only for a short time for the sTARTUp days festival, but enough to be captivated by Tartu and the capital Tallinn. I had already read a lot about the start-up scene as well as the digital infrastructure and the extremely well-preserved nature of the country. The one-week stay was convincing enough for me to apply for an academic year abroad at the University of Tartu, which I successfully completed over the last two semesters. My valuable experiences during this time have anchored my emotional well-being of day one more firmly in me. Both my social and academic environment in Tartu, the short distances, not only geographically but also between the citizens of the city, and ultimately the overall atmosphere of Tartu, created by magic accents like the river Emajõgi, which flows through the heart of Tartu, have given me more than one reason to stay.

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