LIVIU (Romania)


NAME: Liviu Pintilie
COUNTRY: Romania
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Contemporary Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I have always considered Asia and the Middle East to be the lands of diversity and mystery, with enriching cultures, intricate history and extraordinary outlooks on life. I believe that studying these elements becomes essential in order to understand business strategies, economic developments, political decisions, military tensions and social crises in these areas. Furthermore, I feel that much of the tensions that arise between and within Asia and the rest of the world are a result of predefined negative bias, misunderstandings and stereotypes. Therefore, ever since I signed up for this programme, my deepest wish has been to cut through the stereotypes and develop an objective knowledge of Asia and the Middle East, so that I would be able to engage myself in social and humanitarian issues currently arising in those lands. After one year of studying in the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies programme, I have grown more tolerant, more understanding and gained a stronger desire to create a more positive impact in those around me.

Why Estonia?

I first arrived in Estonia as an Erasmus student in 2017 and initially did not know what to expect. However, as soon as I started studying here, I was amazed by the high quality of education offered at the University of Tartu. I was also impressed by how well the country was being run and how nice and open Estonians are. As far as I am concerned, Estonia is the country of my personal development; it is here where I have grown the most as a student and adult. Furthermore, for Romanians, Estonia is largely unknown, so being here motivated me to learn as much as possible about the country’s history, culture and lifestyle so that I can share my experiences with people back home. As for Tartu, it is the perfect student city. It feels familiar, homely, cozy and there are always interesting activities to do here. I feel so thankful to be part of such a warm and diverse community of students, many of whom I consider lifelong friends.

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